3 Tips To Light Your Reception

Getting married represents the culmination of a lot of planning and preparation. In order to ensure that your reception can be appreciated by your guests, it's essential that you have the right lighting available at all times. Here are three simple tips to keep in mind as you light your reception to ensure you create an atmosphere that will leave your guests with a positive impression.

1. Highlight focal points using pin spots.

Many couples spend a significant amount of money purchasing centerpieces, food, and beverages for guests to enjoy during a wedding reception. In order to ensure that these investments are given the attention they deserve, you should use lighting to highlight these focal points.

Pin spots are small spotlights that are hung from the ceiling. When placed over tables. buffets. and bars they can easily transform these areas into focal points where the eyes of your guests will be drawn.

2. Take photography into consideration.

As you design the lighting for your wedding reception, it can be beneficial to work with your photographer to determine his or her lighting needs. Most couples hire a photographer to capture moments throughout the reception on film.

Although modern digital cameras are designed to accommodate less-than-perfect lighting conditions, your photographs will look their best when your photographer has access to ample lighting. Ask your photo professional for advice on color washes and other lighting elements that will help create a soft light throughout your reception. This ambient lighting can be used to help enhance the quality of your photographs.

3. Don't neglect the outdoors.

If you will be hosting your wedding reception inside of a building or tent, it's important that you plan to extend your lighting scheme outdoors as well. Guests need to be able to see as they enter and exit the building, so proper lighting plays a critical role in the safety of your event.

Outdoor lighting can also help to set the stage for your reception, since the exterior of the building or tent is the first impression guests will receive as they arrive for your wedding reception. Be sure to incorporate some landscape lighting into your design.

Being able to provide the proper lighting can transform your wedding reception into an opulent environment your guests will be sure to remember. Use pin spots to create focal points throughout the room, ask your photographer for advice on ambient lighting, and incorporate landscape lighting into your design to ensure your wedding reception is lit properly. For more information, contact local professionals like Orange Frog Productions.

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